Time for a change… Over the last three decades I have been designing and creating my range of leather handbags. The desire to further develop and evolve my ideas has encouraged me to make the big decision to move to a fresh studio and a fresh way of working. Moving from my traditional shop environment I now have the luxury of approaching my work in a new way, treating each piece as a unique opportunity to express my own ideas, and those of the customer. This unconstrained approach has allowed me to experiment with different fabrics, new shapes and details. Each bag is made as a one-off statement, a reflection of the material, my imagination, even the season outside my door.

My new studio, located in the traditional farm setting of Copland, above the village I’ve called my home for the last thirty years, is a creative space where I can focus on each bag and share it with you on the shelves of my digital gallery. Of course, you are still very welcome to visit but do contact me first to make sure I am at my sewing machine!

Every handbag should be as individual as the person holding it…..